Vintage drag racer Knucklehead Dual linkert carb All rigid Wheelie bar


A race bike is never finished, there is always

something to do, something you want to change,

something new you will have to make, an

improvment you want to try out and sometimes

you will have to go back to where you

started......lots of customizing to be made...


This project is an old school drag bike, looking

nostalgic using old, vintage and customized

parts, everything in primer and blastered

aluminium, keeping it period correct.

We try to honour the heroes of drag racing. Stan

Dishong, Jim Leinweber, George Smith (S&S), Pete

Hill to name but a few.


A 1/4 mile may not be that far, but the journey

going there.. is..............

Major inspiration !!!!


Updatet 20. March 2017